I offer my services as tech support for free. I understand the base operating systems of all major consumer products, ranging from Windows to IOS.  


I can help troubleshoot tech issues and prevent future problems unless the device is administrator controlled (GSHS Chromebooks).  Sorry, I'm not allowed to help with Chromebooks.  I was a member of the GSHS Robotics for four years, have attended tech camps and  built my own computer.  I understand the operating systems, common programs, and apps installed on devices.  My history of fixing and building devices allows me to be a first look troubleshooter.  And, best of all, if I can't fix the issue at hand, you will have lost nothing.


To contact me, my email is will@willtechllc.com

Contact me with your issue, and I will see if I can walk you through the solution.  If not, we can schedule a time for me to take a look at it, free of charge.